An insincere, reading tone of voice makes listeners check out, change the channel or hang up. You need a voice that will capture—and keep—attention to your commercial spot, narration, PSA or IVR poll.

A classically trained actor, Cathy’s voice is on the alto side of the scale, with notes of authority, warmth and mischief.

Working with a broad range of engagers—from arts and entertainment, food services, financial services, health care/pharma, communications, education and social market research—Cathy’s worked on everything from radio and TV ads; corporate video, described video and documentary narration; VR experiences and IVR polls. She is represented by VOX Talent, a non-union voice talent agency in Toronto.

Flat rates for IVR poll voice-over—contact me directly. Arts worker and small business rates available. Rates depend on project scope.


Check out my commercial voice demo, including commercial, IVR and PSA spots (running time: 1:11 minutes).

For a longer narration sample (9:12 minutes), check out Transformation, an audio visual project by Nora Camps.

Honoured and proud to have worked with CUSO International on the English narration for this video, highlighting their work with midwives, mothers and babies in the DRC.


  • ADR
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • IVR polling
  • PSA
  • Narration (including Described Video)
  • Virtual reality