DSC_0285 - croppedWhy cowbell? Cowbell adds punch to the rhythm of a composition. In performance, it is direct, succinct and even whimsical. It brings resonance and impact.

Coming from a background in visual, performing and literary arts, Cathy (Cate) McKim is a storyteller with the soul of a cowbell. With 20+ years’ experience as a copy editor, writer and voice-over artist—working on projects for social and marketing research, health and wellness, B2B, B2C, non-profits and the arts—she has the confidence needed to produce powerful results beyond your expectations. She brings the cowbell.

Captivate. Break through the noise and grab their attention. Words they can’t take their eyes and ears off of.

Engage. Get them on board and take them with you. Words that resonate, with meaning—and impact.

Inspire. Go beyond call to action by fostering long-term connection and loyalty. Words that tell them you believe in the same thing.

words with cowbell was inspired by its sister, life with more cowbell; a passion project that’s grown into one of Toronto’s most popular arts blogs.