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Cathy has edited/proofread hundreds of quantitative (survey) and qualitative (focus group) reports and presentations, as well as blogs and social posts, website copy and published works.

Arts worker rates available.


Selected reports:

  • Advisor Perception Study (Environics Research, Financial Services)
  • Black Experience Project (Environics Institute)
  • Focus GTA (Environics Research, Public Affairs)
  • MDConnectâ„¢ (Environics Research, Health & Wellness)
  • National Pulse on Health Strategy (Environics Research, Health & Wellness)
  • Urban Aboriginal Peoples Study (Environics Institute)

Published works:

* In progress

Ask me about:

  • Arts (literary, performing, visual) promotion
  • Blogs/social posts
  • Books/book blurbs
  • Market research reports/presentations/social posts
  • Social research reports/presentations/social posts
  • Speeches