Cathy has helped us with many qualitative and quantitative research reports, usually with short notice and turnaround time. Cathy is really accommodating, super reliable, and always a pleasure to work with. In addition to report editing, Cathy also helped us with video reports as a voice-over artist and she is amazing at that! Her voice is perfect – professional and credible, but also makes the end product friendly and approachable. I’d love to create more opportunities for video reports so that we can work with her more often on that!

Kathy Cheng, Founder & CEO of inca / Nexxt Intelligence

As a non-profit organization, it is critical that we communicate our message effectively. To assist us, Cathy edited our website content, bringing our vision to life. She truly is a top editorial consultant; her approach is current and refreshing, and her work is amazing and efficient. Cathy expertly guided us through the process, and we are 100% satisfied with the end results. She collaborates incredibly well, and has an exceptional ability to transform message into polished works at all levels of sophistication and ahead of schedule. Cathy has made a valuable contribution to the success of our team and we 100% recommend her with confidence!

Sean Kelly, Executive Director, Equal Opportunity Initiative

Cathy brings a great deal to the table. She’s skilled, accurate, and professional. The best thing about working with her was that I genuinely felt she was excited about what I was doing. And there’s no doubt that that excitement translated into her work. She was diligent in all aspects of the project and I really appreciated how much she respected my timelines and how quickly she turned work around, which helped to keep my costs down. She was attentive and responsive to my requests, and she routinely checked in with me to make sure that her suggestions aligned with what I wanted. This completely eliminated confusions and meant that we could progress from draft to draft without wasting time covering old ground. Cathy made what can be an arduous process, easy.  

Teige, Author

I worked with Cathy for over 20 years at Environics … I knew I could breathe a sigh of relief when Cathy was on the team because I could rely on her to catch all the little things that we missed, raise intelligent, high-level questions about the content, and do whatever it took to meet our reporting responsibilities.

Mary Jane Lennon, Retired Project Manager at Environics Research Group

Cate McKim is an amazing editor! She is currently editing the book I’ve written, and she has a way of refining my message so that it comes through with clarity and impact. Creative, professional and a master with words, Cate helps people put their best foot forward.

Dawn Kress; Wellness Practitioner, Personal & Professional Mentor

Cathy McKim did wonderful voice for my audio file and video project … the power she holds with her spoken and written words.

Nora Camps, Expressionist artist; Strategist and Creative Director of Duo Strategy and Design

Our client was very happy and impressed by Cathy’s voice work for their IVR study … they were assured when they heard the enthusiasm and personal tone … that respondents would feel encouraged to continue with the rest of the call.

Amy Nguyen, Senior Project Manager at Environics Research

Cate McKim is one of the most generous members of the Canadian theatre community.  Her reviews and interviews are detailed, insightful, positive and ultimately uplifting.

Tracey Erin Smith; Performer, Writer, Teacher, Spiritual Comedienne and Creator of SoulOTheatre

My publisher asked me to collect every bit of press that had been written about me … Cathy McKim’s concise and compelling sentences stood out to them. Feeling that what she had written would drive sales … It was as if they had based the marketing on these two simple, yet captivating sentences.


Brandon Pitts, Author

Multifaceted and multi-talented, Cathy McKim is a communications team in one person. She is responsive, creative and thorough.

Brenda Sharpe, Senior Research Associate at Environics Research